Bylaws of the University

Section 13 of the University Bylaws describes the Visiting Committees with relation to the Board of Trustees:

13. Visiting Committees.

a) The Board may, from time to time on nomination of the Chairman, designate Visiting Committees consisting of Trustees and such other persons as the Board shall determine, to acquaint their members with all aspects of designated operations of the University.

If deemed appropriate by the Board, separate Visiting Committees may be appointed for particular departments or activities of the University. In selecting the members of Visiting Committees, the Board shall be guided by the current needs and functions of the particular Committee, and where possible each Committee shall have in its membership persons who are particularly qualified to deal with the area covered by that Committee, as well as persons whose general experience qualifies them to be of assistance.

The Committees shall report periodically to the Board either in writing or through their Chairmen. Upon recommendation of the Chairman of the Board, the Board may dissolve a Visiting Committee.

b) Visiting Committees shall serve the University by increasing the understanding of the Board and other friends of the University in the various operations of the University and in the work of the Divisions, Schools, and Departments and thus provide an informed group which can be of assistance to the University and to its faculties.

c) Members of the Visiting Committees shall be appointed for such terms as the Board shall provide. The normal term shall be three years, but to maintain continuity of members, the Board may when deemed advisable appoint one or more members of each Visiting Committee to a term or terms of less than three years so that the number of terms expiring in one year is not more than about one-third of the membership.

A member of a Visiting Committee may be appointed to more than one term but shall ordinarily be considered ineligible for reappointment for one year following the expiration of three terms. Upon nomination by the Chairman of the Board, a member of a Visiting Committee may be appointed as a Life Member of that Committee after the completion of two terms.

The Chairman of a Visiting Committee, who may be—but need not be—a Trustee, shall be appointed by the Board for a term of three years, and may be reappointed as Chairman or as a member of the Visiting Committee without regard to the number of successive terms served.

In order to encourage broad participation, but at the same time provide flexibility for special circumstances,the chairmanship of any committee normally shall be rotated after two successive terms.

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